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379th Engineer Company (CSE) NEWSLETTTER
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About us

Some History of the Engineers:


The US Army Corps of Engineers traces its history back to the Revolutionary War, when the fledgling Continental Army developed the required military engineering capabilities under the tutelage of a Polish engineer, Thaddeus Kosciusko. Some of todays Engineer Battalions pre-date the Civil War. Military engineering in the US Army has embraced a remarkable range of activities, from combat support activities such as mine clearance and bridging, to heavy construction, to topographical services and management of civil engineering infrastructure.
The 379Th Engineer Company (CSE) Combat Support Equipment organized as the 379th Engineer Company in September of 1996. Prior to this date the Company was the 181ST  Engineer Co.(CSE)
On 6 December 1990 while still designated as the 181st Engineers soldiers from this unit were activated in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm and were in country untill 26 june 1991. The unit has also participated in in many State level emergencies, including snow storms, floods and hurricanes.
The unit conducts Engineer missions throughout the Commonwealth of Massachuesettts, CONUS and OCONUS.
The Engineers are always looking for motivated and school qualified engineers or soldiers to learn, and become part of an elite team

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